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I realize it's been 11 years, but I must correct Rkhauer in regards to"Just the 6.x board with the 8372A got this "ability". Like he suggests, with the exception of the original "German" A2000, All Rev 4 & later (B2000) have the J102 jumper (cut type) to set PAL/NTSC booting. However, the limitation in all cases (excepting the exclusive A500+/A600 Agnus's) is based on whether or not an 8372A is present, and that too, applies to rev 6x boards. All B2000 boards were made with 1MB Agnus upgrade in mind, accomplished by replacing Agnus, cutting J500 and moving J101 to position 2. It is recommended to also replace the main XTAL accordingly, since a "switched" Agnus performs a little better at full frequency, and the difference may even be noticeable with certain programs. If anyboy out there knows for certain (officially, not guessing) that A2000 PAL/NTSC boards are identical in all other respects, please let me know. As of now I'm certain that A500 (at least rev 5) is different in at least 3 missing components on the PAL version, A600 & 1200 are different not only in the RF box but also in other areas. The presence of a socketed main XTAL in the A3000 & A4000 (at least the ones I've had) suggests they are indentical. Please comment.
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