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All working except for the Pet which needs a bit of attention (although I'm not sure exactly what is required yet). The A1200 still has its original 68030 accelerator with 8MB and I have a 1.5 MB Spirit Inboard internal memory upgrade for the A1000. I haven't done much upgrading except for some new capacitors here and there. There are loads of interesting modern upgrade projects I'd like to explore though when time and budget allows.

Recently I have been busy recovering data and programs from my original floppy disks and transferring them to my PC for use in the various emulators. Surprisingly I've found the C64 5.25 inch disks from the mid to late 1980's have survived much better than the 3.5 inch Amiga floppies from the late 80's and early 90's. It's all good fun.
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