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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
REBOL is a different animal ... Carl missed the opportunity to make it widespread, by keeping it closed source for so long... [...]
I am mixed with this statement.
It's true that at the beginning of the "opening" there was a lot of discussions/activity around r3 (REBOL v3). But since 2012, I don't see any major evolution of the language. Thus I preferred the time when it was closed source as Carl was making it evolving on a regular basis (between small breaks ). Last year Carl announced that Rebol/Command would be available for free (I didn't see it happen - maybe I missed the link ?) .

As far as I am aware, r3 is still "core" only and is missing the "view" side. That's true that the "core" is enough for a lot of things, but for me it's the main reason I still prefer to use the latest v2 (I am far from being an expert - just a Sunday coder and thus v2 is enough ) .

In this regard of "seems to be frozen" r3, I think that the "red programming language" is maybe a better step forward, not to mention that Carl himself is, since last year, an honorary member of the Red Foundation.

Let's see...
But enough for OT. It's a python thread

Edit: Found this picture interesting and forgot to add it...
It's missing REXX (mentioned in this thread) but has ASM, Python & REBOL

source: see above link

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