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Here is what Nick Antonaccio (an expert) says about REBOL :
REBOL is the easiest computer programming language to learn.

Beginners can build practical applications with it in just a few hours.

Experienced professional coders can use it to become immediately productive in ways that aren't possible using other commercial development tools.

Children can even learn REBOL, more easily than BASIC and other "educational" tools, without disappointing technical ceilings that limit creative ability.

REBOL is a tiny (1/2 megabyte) interpreter that uses "Domain Specific Language" (DSL) technology and a combination of other truly unique syntax and design strategies to make simple work of every imaginable coding task. Compare this tutorial to texts about any other programming language, and you'll quickly discover that REBOL is a remarkably concise and practical tool, regardless of your skill level. For immediately productive development, there is nothing else like REBOL, anywhere.[...]
source : https://easiestprogramminglanguage.c..._language.html

Regarding the download, you can get it here :
REBOL core 68k :
REBOL view 68k :

R3 is still Alpha Test but an OS4 PPC is here :
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