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Originally Posted by malko View Post
Here (CH) the only course I have seen for kids are with "scratch".

Out of curiosity: Did some of you have considered REBOL ? It exists for a huge amount of platform (maybe I should give a try to the Amiga version to see how it works).
REBOL is a different animal ... Carl missed the opportunity to make it widespread, by keeping it closed source for so long...

I think it can be a powerful language, but you need to be experienced with programming concepts to tap into that:

Although it can be used for programming, writing functions, and performing processes, its greatest strength is the ability to easily create domain-specific languages or dialects
— Carl Sassenrath
from Wikipedia:
An example of Rebol's dialecting abilities can be seen with the word return. In the data exchange dialect return is just a word not having any specific meaning. In the do dialect, return is a global variable referring to a native function passing back a function result value. In the visual interface dialect (VID), return is a keyword causing the layout engine to simulate a carriage return, moving the "rendering pen" down to the beginning of the next line.

So it is meant to give you the tools to create your own task specific dialect ... something that is probably not the best way to guarantee interoperability and code reuse, but may make sense for custom tailored environments.

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