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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Here you go:

Classic keyboard in classic beige/grey, new with a sub-£60 price. If you want an Amiga logo, you can print out a sticker.

If you want to restore your proper Amiga keyboard (the kind that actually has an Amiga key layout and interfaces with your Amiga) or change the layout, there is's Indiegogo campaign for fresh key caps.

Hi thanks for the beige windows keyboard link but in a way you're only really showing the need for the project there in my opinion, and it is only that (an opinion that is).

The linked keyboard defeats the purpose - it isn't customised so you have to do that. It doesn't look nice AND it already costs more than my already bespoke customised keyboards I wish to offer. The £60 price I mentioned INCLUDES the matching mouse also.

Plus you'd have to add the cost of your stickers... No offence to stickers but I'd rather have a keyboard that is printed by a machine in the factory than stickers that don't look part of the keyboard and will eventually peel off and wear off. I realise some people like stickers.

Again though as I said, it isn't for everyone but I wouldn't really want that beige windows keyboard for that price with stickers on it myself, then with a different mouse again so that nothing matches at all...
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