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EAB/Lemon Super League 2019 Round 12: Pro Tennis Tour II

EAB/Lemon Super League 2019 Round 12: Pro Tennis Tour 2

Starts: 12:01 September 22nd Finishes: 11:59 October 13th

Get your towels and sweatbands ready. For the first time ever we're playing a Tennis game in the league!


1. Enter Preferences:

2. Choose "best of five" sets and the course type you want to play on - grass, sand or hard court (we'll be playing on all three types):

3. Select Average skill level and male gender for player 1:

4. Select male gender for player 2 - the CPU opponent:

Leave all other settings on DEFAULT! (Name changes are allowed.)
Press EXIT.

5. On the main screen select the court to start the match on the previously selected court-type:


Play a match (best of 5 sets) on all three course types.

Score per match is calculated this way:

((3 + won sets - lost sets) * 4) + (19 + won games - lost games)
Formula optimized - multiplier changed from 100 to 4


6:4 6:2 6:7 6:1 victory = ((3+3-1)*4) + (19+24-14) = 20 + 29 = 49

0:6 0:6 0:6 loss = ((3+0-3)*4) + (19 + 0 - 18 ) = 0 + 1 = 1 (this way a minimum score of 1 is guaranteed)

Your best scores for all three courses are added for your final score.

Should you manage to win all three matches (on all course-types) 6:0 6:0 6:0 to get a perfect score of 183 points you are eligible to try the UBER CHALLENGE.


Defeat 2 CPU-controlled male opponents as 1 average female on the hard court with a perfect 6:0 6:0 6:0 to get 1 bonus point and thus the maximum possible total score of 184 points.

To try this challenge go to the preferences and

1. Select hard court, 1 vs 2-playmode and best of five sets:

2. Now set both Player 1 AND Player 2 to CPU and male gender!

3. In order to play alone against two CPU opponents [u]you[/b] have to be Player 3. Select Average skill level and female gender:

4. Exit and select the court to play the match.

Post a picture of your match results here with the score written underneath. Enter as often as you like. Only scores achieved during the round's time frame count.

No cheating of any kind (including score leeching) - this includes save states. No continues/passwords allowed. If you suspect anyone of cheating please let us know in private - anyone found guilty will be banned for the entire season.

Remember, anyone can join in at any time. Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you may have.


- WHDLoad-installed


- Full rules and FAQ (incorporating the Hall of Fame)
- Results and Standings
- Lemon thread
- Live League Ladder


Live League table:

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