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Originally Posted by Tolgod View Post
Hi there.
I don't know if my request belongs here or in the request section, but I would like to see if anyone knows how to remove cpu checks in amiga software. If the code is specifically for a certain cpu I understand it would have to be recoded, but some software seems not to be cpu specific yet does check. The program that I'm specifically talking about (for now) is eagleplayer. It will not allowe to select the paula14 engine as my processor wouldn't be fast enough. My 68000 however runs at 42mhz and is much faster than the stock 68020 it says is at least required. Play16 works fine with paula14 as output, however it's a buggy player without any decent front-end. Eagleplayer had more options unavailable due to me needing a 'faster cpu' and I find it a real pitty. There's also other software, like i-game of any MP3 decoder which had the same annoying restriction. Is there anyone who knows how to het around this? Tnx to anyone willing to help in advance.

PS run68017 won't help and MP3 is not something i Desire as aiff is much better quality than i could probably ever get with MP3 decoding. I have enough disk space so don't mind the filesize.
Your 68000 can be fastest than 68020 14MHz, but can not handle 68020 code. Removed 68020 restrictions is easy enough, but this Amplifier will be crashed on 68000. Then you must ask for 68000 compatible version of this Amplifier, and it will be works much slower.
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