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Originally Posted by trydowave View Post
All very interesting.

am i guessing right when i say you have the arms, legs, head, torso etc all completely separate then move them around individually like old school layered paper animation (modern digital equivalent would be south park) to create the illusion of individual drawings and then when that cant be used redraw the frame when needed?

For example: Modular would be him standing still but rather than being static you can make him breath by moving the arms up and down giving the illusion of different frames of animation

And when a new frame has to be drawn completely: An upper cut etc.
That's right, we actually have each body part as a seperate gfx. And we don't have the frames just split into 16x16 tiles, actually each part has a variable size which helps to bring down the ram usage even further. Another difference is that within each anim the parts usually overlap each other.
The downside of this method in regards to art is that it's quite difficult to make the parts blend seamlessly with one another in each and every anim (as someone also noticed in this thread), however it's not impossible. You can get near perfect results but it requires a LOT of work (which we haven't 100% finished yet).

Originally Posted by Retro1234 View Post
I'd love to see your sprite sheets but understand you might not wish to share.
Well, we don't have "sprite sheets", just individual parts. But I'll present an example here later on to see exactly how we do it, how it looks and what the process requires
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