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First, welcome to the forum @Slamy.

Second, on your post, you are mentioning several video but you have only linked one (also you have mentioned 2018 and since we are already in 08.2019, it's a bit strange).

Then, only based on the video, this is a nice little game that put a big smile on my face (positive comment).
I do like the idea to play a "leopard slug". So far, I didn't have seen any score and only a "99" on the top of the screen so I think that there will be a timer and that we will have to reach check-points to continue ?

Maybe if you can give more information : What is the story of the game ?
What is making this "leopard slug" running ? Is there a big monster that has kidnapped the 'sluggette' ?

Edit: Just see that you have updated your post. Will read it again then.
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