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Originally Posted by Mr-Z View Post
I will consider the current 3.x development when the feature set is equal or better then 3.9.
You seriously lack AmigaOS understanding: 3.1.4 has features that AmigaOS 3.9 never had, and at the same time 3.9 has features 3.1.4 does not have.

3.9 has more features in the userland domain: ReAction and "ReActionized" Prefs and a more rich set of tools and utilities.

3.1.4 has a much more developed AmigaOS core: Improved and bugfixed kickstart components, commands (in C), handlers (in L) and libraries (in Libs) and devices (in Devs).

And of course, there are a few exceptions in each of these OSes.

But the point is, that you are comparing two different OSes that come from a different perspective on how to approach the development. They are way too different to make any fair judgement for, or against one or the other.
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