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Originally Posted by solarmon View Post
I would use Amiga Test Kit's floppy drive test feature on DF3 and see what that shows.
I actually did this with all the drives connected up, and from what I remember it did say RDY signal was late or not detected (don't remember the exact message it showed). Also for testing writing (on DF1/DF2/DF3) it failed in this configuration with 3x drives. As soon as I go back to 2x drives everything works fine (be it Cumana 2x or Cumana 1x and Gotek 1x) ...

Are you using Workench to do the format and reading? Try using X-Copy or some other disk utility and see if that makes a difference.
I've been using both Workbench 3.9's Format feature and X-Copy Pro (The one with a snazzy purple interface) and the results are consistent with both ways of formatting be it the result is good (2x drives) or bad (3x drives).

Try cleaning the pins on the external floppy connector and the floppy drive controllers. Corrosion on the pins can add to the resistance and could cause signal degradation, if that is the issue.
I assume I need something like this? And spraying it on both the male (pin side) and female (passthrough connectors on the back of the external enclosures) side?

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Without seeing the state of your motherboard it is hard to tell whether there are potentially any issues with it.
Having had it looked at and recapped before it was sent off to Sweden and then having it looked at again when I sent it off to have the E127R fix done I assume there should be no major issues with it. And it's been working very nicely (knock on wood!) ... it's just this issue with the external drives...

At the end of the day it comes down to the fact that this computer and its external drives is 20+/30+ years old and nothing can be taken for granted. If I can only have 2x drives connected at the same time it's not the end of the world I guess...
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