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Thanks for playing the game. It´s kind of amazing – the game is not even officially released, and already you guys are shooting videos. Just great!

@funk: I think you can see already that RESHOOT R has improved considerably since the predecessor; much more than so than I originally had planned when I started the project almost three years ago.

@all who play on an emulator: I really recommend to play this on original hardware, because RESHOOT R performs best there. Main reason for this is the 50 / 60 hertz video framerate gap, which no emulator can bridge perfectly. Also as the game uses the AGA-chipset quite extensively (e.g. by using rather complex copperlists), emulators really have a hard time to keep the framerate up where it belongs – which is 50 Hertz. I never got stages 4 and 5 running totally smooth on the FS UAE / iMac. It´s very playable there too, no doubt, but you have the best experience on real AGA; Fast-RAM or better recommended.

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