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Originally Posted by rothers View Post
The A500 is certainly capable of running a near arcade perfect outrun (but with pre-zoomed in to memory sprites) but I think what frustrates all of us is that the conversions never got the attention they deserved.

The hardware was absolutely capable but it was just never put to good use.
No. It isn't.

Lotus 2 is a good example of how close the OCS Amiga can get. And while I absolutely love Lotus 2 and love the Amiga OCS chipset, it's pretty clear that Lotus 2 is vastly inferior to Outrun.

Now don't get me wrong, Lotus 2 is expertly programmed and uses some very clever tricks to get as fast as it is, but these tricks include various limits that just don't exist in Outrun. Such as a fairly sparse environment, much less variety in road side objects (due to memory constraints), much smaller road side objects (due to memory and Blitter bandwidth constraints) and a relative lack of on-screen cars.
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