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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
cd RAM:bla
delete #? all quiet
a script with the above will abort on all kickstarts, except on 3.1.4 where it will...

I am not concerned about my own scripts, but I do observe what others put I their scripts, and I have seen quite a few "optimistic" boot floppy startup-sequence files.
But such a script is broken by design. Nobody does it if he or she is not a complete moron. Delete is always dangerous by itself. If you use it in a script you need to be really careful. In nearly all situation when you delete something by a script you delete only known files. I delete stuff in many scripts and never would use your example code. This is complete independent to the known bug. In theory there are many possibilities that a script destroys something without the need of a Shell/OS bug. So if you want to be save don't use them.

Btw. I'm searching my HD for " cd " and until now nothing dangerous found. I'll tell if there is a hit.
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