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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Well, I feel, if some games would never been released on Amiga (Mortal Kombat 2, Setllers, Ruff'n'Tumble...) many people would claim today that it wouldn't be possible to make a port (or with huge compromises).
Actually I wouldn't say that about any of those three games you mentioned. They all look pretty doable.

Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
Who needs parallax for the proper gameplay?
I'd say, remove parallax, make sprites smaller, and it's possible to make awesome beat em up for OCS.
Well, with these lessened requirements off course you could port almost any game from that era....

Here comes the formula:
Give up the parallax, reduce colours to 32 and then reduce the frame count to whatever works with the amount of blits you need to do.

Every now and then load stuff from disk if you can't keep everything in RAM.

Bam, this will surely be an amazing arcade port.
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