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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Yuck... There's only one player worth using and that's UADE.
No, there's only one player worth using and that is the player/program used by the composer of the song.
That's the only way to hear it exactly like the composer intended.
The mods that are being produced today are almost certainly not made on a real Amiga or with Amiga software, so they will sound "not as intended" on Amiga, or UADE, or whatever.
And even if it IS an original Amiga tune: an A500 sounds different then an A1200 so you're still not sure ...

It reminds me of those discussions that Vinyl sounds better then CD.
Or how certain bands produce their albums on cassette tapes, so you should listen to them on one.
Or how mp3 compression squeezes everything to shit.

Bottom line: it's pointless: there is no "best player" - just use what you like and enjoy the music, no need to be dogmatic about it.
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