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SWOS Win32 Port - #swos2020

SWOS 2020 is the next project.

Right in time, zkz productions comes up with an incredible achievement... porting the whole game to modern Windows (win32).

[ Show youtube player ]

FYI: It's the DOS version of SWOS that will be ported. The change back to AMIGA can hopefully be achieved by changing the game's resolution.
(DOS = 320x200 | AMIGA = 336x272)

To start off with, the focus right now is to port the original PC DOS game SWOS 96/97 to Win32. As you can see in the video, the start is very promising and the game works about 75%-80%.
- including full USB device support, in-game plug&play!
- online multiplayer (UDP... p2p client)
- title and menu music fully customizable with mp3s!

Feel free to comment, post ideas, discuss, ask questions... or just celebrate what is the best news for SWOS hungry people since god knows when! :P

Stay soci.... wait, no... Stay Sensible!! #swos2020

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