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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Good initiative! Not sure exactly what you are planning, but my main concern is about content, there aren't monthly releases for CD32, maybe not even more than a couple a year if we're lucky.

What are you gonna cover otherwise and/or how often you want to release it? I'm not that interested in reading about games available for 20 years, but I understand there's not much else to talk about ;(

If it's like a small zine with a disc with exclusive demos, that sounds more manageable, but when I read "magazine", it sounds hefty/long and I cannot fathom what you could put inside.
I understand, I've had a couple of others state the same in the survey. The mag itself is only 32-40 pages, hopefully the latter going on calculations, and its bi-monthly.

But as you say its not meant to be a slog of a read, and wont be being the size it is.

I was waiting until next week to send out a newsletter with more information on things, but for those who want can subscribe now via the new Facebook page there is a shop link there.
For those who dont like to use FB, the web store link is Here
I have to manually add any contacts so you wont get it straight away, but it should answer most things about it, i dont want it to taken too seriously and pressured into making it into something i don't want to, like various ‘suggestions’ I've had, this is for CD32 owners and anyone interested in it.
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