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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Control of what repair? Since when do you control anything anywhere? When was this any kind of competition?
All I did was offer an alternative. But as usual in any thread I post where you sadly are also participant, you turn it into a big scandal.
This is a forum and people ask questions and others reply. Period.

Sorry for trying to help.
To answer this sensibly and avoid anymore misunderstanding, what I meant by control, is that the OP and I have been sorting this Amiga out over the last few days. He hasn't really been speaking to anyone else. So by directing him to you, he would understand that he didn't need to ask me anymore information. It was more a direction, rather than a command.

When you offered the cable, I suggested that you work with the OP explaining what was needed to complete the repair. I would no longer be involved as there was no need. It is better that only one member work with the OP, to keep confusion to a limit.

You continue to throw very derogatory statements towards me, in which I tolerate best I can. If you read my post again you shall notice that I mention you are more than competent, to help the OP. There isn't a competition, never was, never will be. PERIOD! Just cool your horses, jumping to conclusions and/or misunderstanding me. There was no animosity intended.

Help the OP as you first stated, send him the cable and explain it through. I no longer need to be involved as you are more then proficient. This is all I meant. Now please leave it at that and get back on topic.

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