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This is good, at least we know the Amiga is working OK and no IC issues. The drive looks to be a strange choice for that A500, it looks like a low capacity type. They must of selected this one for 1.3 workbench and ROM set-up. Although there is no limit the 1.3 would rely on the firmware of the IDE adapter. Your images are good clear and in focus, only I cannot see the board that allows the drive to be connected to the A500.

Still never mind as I do not want you to disturb anything else it may cause more harm at present. You stated the system is loading software, can you connect the HDD? Do you ever remember this system booting from HDD before all this happened?

Anyways if you can connect the HDD and it still doesn't boot, try loading workbench 1.3 from floppy and see if the drive partitions are detected in workbench. The drive partitions should show up once the workbench has finish loading from floppy.

If you connect the HDD and it stops the system from booting and/or the FDD from accessing, then the HDD could be at fault or failing. (Listen for any drive sounds from the HDD.)

Autoconfig was present in 1.3 ROM but it isn't as advanced as the later ROMs. Most users change the older 1.3 ROM for a later 2.0 or 3.1, this allows improved hardware support and early boot menu set-up.

Those disks you have I need more information about them in order to advise. At least now you have a semi working Amiga again. As for your CAPLOCK incident, luck could be a factor but these older Amiga computers can be very temperamental. So a little TLC goes a long way.

Try these next steps mentioned and report back your progress. It is excellent you have managed to get this Amiga working to some degree so far. Keep at it and maybe you can get that HDD booting again too!

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