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It is hard to say without knowing which IDE adapter you have in your Amiga. Do you know what type IDE adapter is installed? Whichever one it is, it must be piggy backing the 68K.

Could you open your Amiga and take some pictures so we can get a better idea? If you could get it to boot then we could set-up the priority boot order. Although if it is 1.3 ROM, it should have quite simple boot options and no early boot menu.

To enter early boot menu on later ROM chips, you would hold down both mouse buttons when first powering on, until boot screen appears. This won't work though due to your Amiga not booting initially and possibly having an early ROM chip installed.

You didn't explain what the CAPLOCK LED is doing on powering up, only the main power LED. Watch the CAPLOCK LED when you power up the system, see if it is blinking any sequence.

This system really needs to be opened up and everything disconnecting in order to target the fault. It would be a process of elimination before assuming it is IC failure.

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