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Originally Posted by jarre View Post
some interesting cubo download statistics (132 times total)

special the greece version of laserquiz suprised me.. (29 times) expected more of the France and German versions..!!!!

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Maybe we are more quiz gamers,and of course our language is more difficult.
Also quiz games in Greece are extremely rare.
Laser Quiz,and Photoplay 2000 (not only quiz) are the only ones we had played until 2002,when for a pathetic reason the Greek goverment decide to forbid all arcades!!!!!!!!!
Probably for casino's shake,but this is a big story...
Of course photoplay is found in English for MAME but is not playabl yet!!!!!!
OH,how i wish to found a touchscreen emulator for photolay,2000 or even 2004,someone already patched but only for those who are goon in Dos....
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