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Originally Posted by happymondays View Post
I am pretty sure I saw listings of Magic Carpet... and all the others you included in your post, but if any of them really existed I think they should have already turned up by now. Although anything is possible, e.g. as we saw last year with Center Court 2.
Thanks ill have another look for Magic Carpet sometime. claimed to have a beta of MegaRace

Originally Posted by View Post
I have "Alpha Version 1.41" somewhere (I discovered it in a box of CD-Rs that were whipped from the Commodore UK offices on the day they went bust).

I remember trying it with WinUAE a couple of years back, but after the Lance Boyle intro finished, the emu crashed. Must try it with the latest version some time ...

There was also an early version of some golf game (v0.01 I think) in amongst the CD-Rs, plus lots of buggy/incomplete games, as well as a number of games that were marked with a date and the word "Final" (one day I'll create a load of .ISO files just in case anybody wants to check whether there are any minor differences between these and the final, retail versions).
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