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Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
Erm... Guys, mind that developers are from Iraq. And this "ten years of silence" might be caused by "some turmoil" in Iraq.

So that campain could also means, that they are "online" again.
Is is not the case. According this interview they left Iraq many years ago.

This Kickstarter campaign is going to fail big time. The author will probably blame Amigans but he should blame himself in the first time.
Create successful campaign is not easy task and from the email I have bad feeling he has no clue what he is doing. Amigans are not interested in PC/Mac/Linux version and PC/Max/Linux users are not looking for 20+ years old 320x200px game that was released in better shape on mobile devices years ago.

I would say he can sell few hundreds (my guess would be 200–300) copies for 10–15 bucks ($8 or $9 digital, $15 nice boxed version) and that's it.
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