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Amiga Format: Blitz Basic competition games

Hi all,

I have an archive of (presumably most of) the Amiga Format Blitz Basic competition games.

This does not include the Worms prototype - I have no copies of this. I'm also not sure if there are other games entered into the competition that are not in this archive.

Of the 29 entries that I do have, 19 of them don't appear to be online in any form, and at least 1 (Apple Jack) seems to be different from the version that is online. All of them I've managed to get working, though for some of them I've made some slight hacks (non-ascii filenames etc). Some even include source code, and two of them are utilities (a database app and a tracker app).

Title screenshots from all the games are here and my notes spreadsheet about all of the games is here

I'd love to be able to dump all of the games that aren't otherwise available - however it's been pointed out that permission should be sought from the individual authors to do that.
  • For anything that I've listed as not being available online, please let met know if it already is (so we won't need to seek permission) and I'll update the spreadsheet.
  • Otherwise - is anyone willing to seek out the authors and ask permission where possible?

If you're interested in helping out with the project (or if you'd like a copy for archiving purposes) please send me a PM, cheers.

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