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Originally Posted by bugsymalone666 View Post
I understand that the Amiga A570 could also do CDTV if you put a CDTV disc in it, but I dont know if there was a boot disc.
No boot disk required. An A500 (1.3) with an A570 equipped starts up with the CDTV boot screen showing a rotating CD. It has an extra ROM in it.

Now, it has recently become possible to fit an upgraded ROM to a CDTV, I understand. I don't know details, but if you want to go the IDE route and make it bootable from IDE, you will need an upgraded ROM containing a SCSI.device that works with IDE. You will likely lose a lot of functionality doing that. (Drivers and handlers for the infra red remote, at least). To get them back, you would need to cook up a custom ROM with both sets of resources.

I do not know if the CD drives can be swapped between A570 and CDTV - I can check dimensions of A570, the Matsushita-Kotobuki numbers are sequential (511 in a CDTV, 512 in an A570) but they are not identical.
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