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I may be seeing wrong but is the usb inserted into the Gotek an SD Card Reader? If so, is the SD Card set to write protect? Because it looks like it doesn't write to selector.adf as it should.

Gotek doesn't agree with all USBs. Make sure it is formatted for FAT32. If that fails, try formatting to FAT16 and using short filenames (FILENAME.EXT). When in doubt, try another USB stick.

Also, corrupted selector.adf can do this, replace it with the image - preferrably redownload it from the website.

The Cortex rom can get corrupted as well, you may try reflashing it. If you do not own a TTL adapter, check [ Show youtube player ]for info on how to flash without one.

Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
What he means is physically select No 1 using the Buttons on the Gotek so basically push button till you see 001 then turn off and see if it boots then
After what he does in the video, the Gotek should never default to 000, it should run at 001. It doesn't. The filelist isn't being saved for some reason.
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