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Originally Posted by whiteb
I know..., Amigainnovations is a plonker, and the one (forget the name) in Brisbane has its website not working for like 6+ months..

Amigakit is Expensive for 3.1 Roms, but is a quick sender (Overcharges for postage too). have A1200 3.1 roms for the exchange rate of AU$30.35 (17.90 euro).., and 3.9CD for the exchange rate of AU$67.64 (39.90 Euro).

I would suggest ordering from them, forget the useless (swearword) amiga dealers here in Australia.
Yeah Amigainnovations are the ones that a pissing me off the most, so your definately not wrong there mate!. And yep, i will be surely ordering from Amikit.. I dont mind paying the extra if it means "actually" getting them!!!...

Thanks for the info whiteb.. as always you come through with the goods
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