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Yes Utri, it's the render library. I was using version 31.0 from Andreas Falkenhahn that comments:

This is not the latest version of render.library. The
latest version is v40.8 and it is available from dev/misc/renderlib.lha.
The reason why this version is still here is that v31 is the last version
of render.library implemented in assembler. It is much faster than v40
which is implemented in C and doesn't have any major new features over
v31. That's why you might want to use v31 instead if you care about
performance. Source code included.
but changing to 48.8 it doesn't crash and the colors are right.
It was crashing when I was closing NetSurf.

This is using 16 colors with the images remapped:

Edit: About my guigfx.libray it's strange. I've got same version 20 from the same date, but the size of mine is different, 43.756 against 42.040. Edit: I see that he made different "20" versions.

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