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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Very good, I'm happy

Maybe you should write the detailed steps you undertook to rectify this as I'm sure this will help others out

So I recorded this video yesterday and when i played it back, it appears that ShadowPlay (my screen recorder) stretched the video on record. It has black bars on the left and right but not nearly as much as it is supposed to. LOL I'm like WTF?

Yes, My visible screen the aspect ration was full screen proper, but the recorded screen was not. I have to re-record the video from GoPro so it properly shows the screen all fixed up. After the weekend I suppose.

On another note....

Ya know this giant collection of yours and I'm currently only paying 2 games. barbarian and walker. LOL - it's going to keep me busy for longer than it took you to put this together.
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