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I have gotek drives on two of my A500s, I don't like the idea of cutting original case so I installed it instead of original floppy drives. To be able to close the case I had to drill additional holes in the gotek's case, about 1cm to the front of the drive so it could be installed a bit (or about 1cm to be more precise) more to the back. This is the result.

I can connect USB stick through floppy disk hole. There are two downsides to this, first is/was pushing buttons to switch images, second is reading which image is selected.

I solved first problem by adding attiny microcontroller and InfraRed sensor to it so I can switch images with remote (cheap universal mini remote from ebay, about $1), sensor is sensitive enough to pick up indirect IR signals.
Second is still up to debate. In other A500 I used extension cables to put LCD display outside the case, on top of Amiga. Good enough so far. This one is still unmodified as it's not really important to me if I'm close enough to tilt my head and see the numbers .

The other one is different story, it's prepped for from the couch gaming so it's useful to see which number is mounted from few meters away .
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