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Originally Posted by britelite View Post
Why not just run them on a 256x192 screen on the Amiga? Sure, the borders will be larger than on a 320x256 screen, but the graphics will look correct.
A 256x192 screen is really small though, I was thinking more along the lines of a full-screen/near full screen conversion effort (considering Amiga games often get flak for not being full screen). That said, it's certainly possible if you don't mind having around 40% of the screen being empty space.

I'll freely admit it makes more sense than my idea of re-scaling all graphics, though
Not really, the pixels are square(ish) on both Amiga and Spectrum (at least in PAL), so the graphics will look almost 1:1.
I should probably have actually checked this first instead of assuming they'd be different because of the 256 number. But indeed, you are 100% correct that the aspect ratio is not that different after all. No idea why I thought it would be given the Spectrum isn't known for odd-shaped pixels (unlike the SNES, which is).

So, consider me corrected
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