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Thanks for the kind comments, Tolismlf.

Yep, there's gonna be another issue. I moved your post here so it would be all nice and at home with other posts about APoV #2.

The APoV team is working furiously around the clock to get Issue 2 finished. When we're not sleeping or doing other stuff, that is.

Originally Posted by 7-Zark-7
No hints as to its possible content, then?
Okay, because you asked so nicely, I can reveal some stuffs that will be in #2. This information is for 7-Zark only, so everyone else close your eyes.

There's a cool feature on Bullfrog... a look at interpreters and open source games... part one of a series on WHDLoad... info on the Amizilla project... more cool maps and walkthroughs... a fresh batch of badass game reviews... the first ever APoV games chart... and of course some adverts for video game related products. And some other great stuff that you will just have to wait a bit longer to check out. Bwaha.
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