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Mark, please try and not start a thread with that sort of heading, the issue is no games seem to work for you, when in fact the games do work, it suggests there's an issue with the emulator which isn't the case.

Its just that subject names like that spread a bit of fear..

As said that screen we think you refer to is the standard boot screen that you get when either a disk isn't inserted or it needs workbench loaded first to run the game. As said previously check where you games are coming from as duff adf's are out there and there are plenty of good sites that have disks. Also as suggested its always a good start to use disks from Gamebase Amiga which is a very large and wonderful colection of games, manuals, cheats and all sorts of info and games in a single package Pretty much every thing from the old days is in it and the disks have been checked as closely as possible to be the best versions.

You might need to look for a torrent of this as its pretty big but a wonderful gaming resource where the screen shots and in game screens often jog a few memories.

Good luck, any help, just ask.


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