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The compact flash cards use the FAT file system so are interchangeable with anything, no problem there. If the Amiga has a hard drive that Workbench is installed on it just needs the FAT support installing, the included floppy from Amigakit will do this for you. Alternatively booting from the floppy gives you rudimentary support to read and write the cf card.
I'm not sure if Scribble can use RTF, I've never used it. Wordworth and Final Writer both can import and export quite a few formats including RTF, Protext, Word Perfect and others, I will have to go boot up my 1200 and look if they import Scribble files.
I will do that in a moment and look for you. Getting the software isn't a problem, adf files of them are widely available at numerous sources, the transfer kit I linked to previous can write adf files back to floppy disks.
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