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Originally posted by Akira

Teh old struggle aain... This does not mean it's any good. Same goes with most of today's products. Just because they are popular it doesnt mean they are good. Same goes with music. Just because everybody and its dog listens to Britneay Spears, doesnt mean she's a good artist or whatever.

I never said that just because alot of people play it it's good, I am hoever saying that they are playing a 4-5 year old product...AND there are people dedicating hours, days and week supplying FREE modifications for that particular game...and many others...I have seen HIGH quality mods for atleast 5-6 other great games, like Close Combat and UT, now they are starting on to work with the FlashPoint engine...that could produce some interesting mods...

Another point is that it's getting harder and harder to be creative and develope uniqe playbility values to old game genres, as I saw someone replied in another therad here somewhere, he wanted to have a 2D plattform or 2D shoot'em up that was creative and adding uniqe features...the problem is that thoose genres are pretty much used up all ideas for and creating games with new features would be very hard indeed, and then how many would buy it??? I for one would like a Monkey Island III 2D PIXELATED thats the only thing that would make me take up the adventure/puzzel genre again, Simon I, Monkey Island I&II and some of the other classics are the only kind that is really good...

The thing is that I can understand the frustration som people can feel over these issues but saying that everything new is crap is simply not true, although for the majority of the games that are released are infact crap, but there are gold to be found in the barren mountains

As a last note, I feel very sad indeed that no-one has come up with a desent Monkey Island variant...don't wan't anything to happen with the interface, still 16 commands and pixelated graphics....
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