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I agree that every platform has its of good and bad games. just remember Atari 2600, some great games, and a whole pile of shit that suffocated the console.

I joined the 3D wagon in love with the beuaty of the graphics displayed on my screen. I had bought a Monster 3D (actually a Voodoo I) and I was amazed with Tomb Raider I.

Then I've got Turok, and for the first time I realized how bad this new generation of 3D games could be. Of course I had already tried a whole lot of bad pseudo-3D doom clones, which mostly sucks big time, but Turok 3D early advanced me what was to came.

In the overall I believe older games had more gameplay. Glorious graphics tends to wear out pretty soon, so its is not enough to keep you playing one game. That's why retrogamers still love their old games: the newer ones don't get even close, with a few exceptions.
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