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Originally Posted by JimNeray View Post
@subone & @vjkaos: Can you tell me more about the cli crash? What is your hardware/software configuration ? If xbench is started from the workbench, what is your workbench resolution (in points and depth)? Does it crash systematically or can you launch it sometime ? Many thanks in advance.
I've installed xbench on two Amiga's (a2000/030 and a1200/030), they both use a custom Workbench 3.1 setup.

I usually start xbench from a boot menu (bootgrio) with this startup-script:
; X-Bench Startup

C:SetPatch QUIET

Cd Work:XB
Execute >NIL: XbEnCH.exe
On my a2000 the CLI works if I use this script but if I start xbench from Workbench it crashes.
On my a1200 if I start xbench from this script the CLI crashes but started from Workbench it almost works, typing endcli makes it crash, though.

On both setups the Workbench setup is almost the same, resolution is 640x512x8c. started from my script it's 640x256x4c.
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