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@subone: Thanks for this return.

- I made only 3 lists ... why the TAB key move between the empty lists too ? (u could had a key to move back no ?)
Or simply don't display empty listings (Jump to the first one after the third one in your case). You're right i add this to the todo list

- I try to to include X-Bench in my startup-sequence with xlaunch.exe (instead of xinit.exe) to have the Games menu directly but it freeze the WB when i leave ... it would be nice to have the lists at startup without the first menu (Games, Cli, Setup ...)
That's already in the todo list with the evolution of the setup panel you will be able to choose what to display firstly.

@subone & @vjkaos: Can you tell me more about the cli crash? What is your hardware/software configuration ? If xbench is started from the workbench, what is your workbench resolution (in points and depth)? Does it crash systematically or can you launch it sometime ? Many thanks in advance.
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