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On WinUAE, I've been playing around with a whole host of games, WHDLoads and ADFs.

It is amazing just how many Amiga games there were, back in the day. Being on an isolated continent and having only one or two friends as an adolescent meant I missed out on a boatload of games... I think I bought like ten Amiga games, my friend about fifteen (a feat for highschoolers...). We had about 200 cracks between us, many of which were bugged. Now I see how big the scene really was, and still is... Amiga magazines failed to convey to me the enormity and variety of the games catalogue... Through these forums, I see how narrowly anglocentric my vision of Amiga always was. At present, I'm hunting down more "obscure" (subjective) Amiga games in order to re-Amigarise myself through WinUAE.

In the meantime, I must confess to compulsively playing Raiden and R-type on MAME. Only Secret of Monkey Island and Powermonger on WinUAE hit me hard like this with powerful nostalgia...
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