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Gradius 2 on MSX (Exclusive game for the MSX, not a port from the arcade game) does that after you kill a boss. And it takes *a while*. It's very funny, the boss just stops moving or attacking you for 3 or 4 seconds, and you are like "What the heck is happening? Did the game freeze? What?" And suddenly, "BOOOM" the boss explodes and the game goes on.
I had no idea (never had an MSX or MSX-2). That's way funny

I am nearly sure my experience with Project-X was a lot more with the SE edition than the original one. Isn't the SE the one with just 3 disks? My memory may be fuzzy, but if my memory of level 1 being too long was from SE, the original is even worse then

But I counted 8 minutes from the longplay video, I really don't remember how long it went when I used to play it. I just remember it was *long*
SE is three disks. As for the longplay...

[ Show youtube player ]
Level one starts at 4:48 and ends at 10:14. That's five minutes and twenty six seconds of PURE AWESOMENESS
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