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Well the first system we owned would have been the Phillips G7000 (aka Magnavox Odyssey²).

MY eldest sister purchased it for us but from Kuwait, so it was NTSC.

So...... given we had dial tune TV's back then, we "could" tune in the colour TV in the sitting room, but to get a stable (ish) image the tuning was such that we had no sound.

To get sound, we had to use the black and white TV.

So MOST of my time on our Phillips G7000 was spent playing on a black and white portable TV.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because while we had several games on the G7000, the one that stands out, and so I'll declare it as my "first game" was "Munchkin".

Munchkin was a pacman clone, with a few key points of difference.

1) The dots MOVE...and the less dots, the faster they move.
2) The Ghost "home" rotates, changing where they will emerge from
3) There are several different mazes AND....
4) You could CREATE your own Maze.

But what was a real issue for me was...when the ghosts were vulnerable, the only indication was, they would flash between 2 colours. There was no other visual clue and no audio clue at all.

And I clearly recall, at least one of the ghosts didn't have enough of a contrast between the 2 colours, for the change to be noticeable on my black and white TV screen. lol

So "chomping" was a risky business.

But that said, I spent HOURS on it. I LOVED it!

And I programmed a maze which gave the player a smooth flow through the level.
The game would get faster with each level clearing. But with my special maze, I could clear level after level. The speed increase got so high, that the G7000 would just make the ghosts go side to side in 1 corner as if trapped lol.

I was about 8 years old.

I look forward to trying to re-create that maze from memory if I can one day, if I get my hands on a G7000 and a copy of the game.

Now oddly I recall it having 4 portals, 2 on each side. Perhaps a wrong memory, or perhaps that was a certain maze "type".

I clearly recall my "special maze" split the screen into quadrants.

I do recall the player could enter the rotating ghost home (risky), so perhaps that's how I got from quadrant to quadrant. I'd have to play it on the metal. I'm sure it will all come back that day.

oooh Just found that Steve Benway (one of my favorite YouTubers) has done a video on it.
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