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A530 has an 68030?
It is the 68EC030 to be exact. 40MHz. One thing is it has only one 4mb fast ram stick. With WinUAE increased to 8mb the time fell to 11 minutes and change.
The time-consuming part is the lz-compression of all the files. Johan Forslöf's portable lz probably needs some optimizing...?
I looked in on the Amiga from time to time and lz was always the bottom line.

This may need looking at. Between compiling and play testing it almost slipped my mind.
vasmm68k_mot -Fvobj -quiet -x -DSDATA -I include -I :NDK_3.9/Include/include_i -o obj/sprites.o sprites.asm

fatal error 5 in line 1 of "REPEAT:sprites.asm:line 272": internal error 0 in line 1082 of expr.c
        included from line 272 of "sprites.asm"
>       move.w  (a0)+,D(a1)
vasmm68k_mot failed returncode 20
make: *** [obj/sprites.o] Error 20
REPEAT sounds like something to do with the stack so it was increased from 4096 to 20000. After that it was OK because the ADF exactly matches yours.

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