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@Toni Wilen
Disksalv shows the mounted drive, can't do anything with it, I have tried validate - it hangs with the timer clock showing.
Yes, could be an emulation problem, I'll try and update to the latest WinUAE. I think the drives needed to be partitioned in three partitions for the 1.3, I had left method a long time ago after getting KS3.1, from the Mountlist it seems they were all formatted as a single partition. It was probably more than 15 years since I did that, memory is vague for this one time thing.

I recopied the Mountlist from the binary copy of DH2: hard drive - and had forgotten to fix the Unit #.

I found that out reading this page:
I had just changed the name of hddisk from the install disk before that... so there's not actually any hddisk.device file just hddisk in Expansion?
I did try placing hddisk and it's info file in the Expansion folder, binddrivers is in the startup-sequence.

I'm running KS3.1 and I have tried setting things up the same way as on the real thing, using the same MountList etc - not saying it was correct to start with but it worked 3-4 days ago. I started off with the copy I have on the PC from my A600HD installation (it's using a CF card and things were a lot easier than these A2090a SCSI drives).

Don't think there's much personal files/data of interest, lef me know if you find anything juicy. ;-)
I bought a SCSI card reader some time ago, Mechware something, that I planned to use to copy all the hard drives and being able to move files easily from the PC. I think I got lost in the LUN jungle with the different cards using different LUNs and I could only use #0 or something like that which was PCMCIA - so I got an adapter for SD card (well, I had gotten that for the A600 earlier) ... and never got to it or never got it to work, don't recall which. Maybe I had cards over 256MB or perhaps there was the PC-formatting problem...?

I saved the A2090a ROM readouts here, these are raw from the chips, could be written to two 27256 chips if wanting to add autoboot to one of those A2090 with empty sockets:

It's the same as the shared A2090a.rom if combining them and cutting the interesting piece out. I read yesterday that someone had applied the 256MB patch to these roms and burnt new ones, is that shared or does it need to be redone? I wrote and asked about it, not sure if there has been a reply.

It's just a matter of finding this in the binary, whatever that may be in machine code:

divu.w #8,d1
mulu.w #8,d1 ; truncate to nearest factor of 8

and replace it with this, whatever that may be in machine code:

and.l #fffffff8,d1 ; truncate to nearest factor of 8

Then "Dissect/Bytewise 8-Bit" in WinHex, paste code in and then burn new roms... as the soft fix only works if you have a spiced up A2000 and have the rom copied to memory.

Here's my 40MB DH6: drive 7z to 11MB:
I'd appreciate directions on how to read files off from it if anyone succeed in doing so. Mountlist has been posted already.

Here's also all the A2090 tools that I found:
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