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Trying with one of the seemingly still working disks, former DH6:, a 40MB Quantum ProDrive ELS 42S, it shows up in Windows as not initiated, not allocated, 39MB, name is correct in System. I can check it out in WinHex, so all seems good there.

I did a verify with my former binary backup, it was bit perfect.

So, unless something was somehow automatically written before first backup, the SCSI card is incompatible or the cable is broken - it seems it's OK.
Don't know how to get any files from it though. I can scan through with WinHex and find text I recognize, like the startup sequence or Mountlist.

Can't mount the hdf-file, can't get to the real hard drive... (have yet to try on the real thing what I'm doing in emulation - booting from other software and trying to reach data from the old drives)

I have tried adding the real disk under A2090a, with hddisk.device and proper unit number and also uaehf.device. When in Workbench you should just need to write "mount dh6:" and drive icon should appear, right?
Or have I missed something?

The mount command works without errors but when trying to "dir dh6:" it complains about memory.
I'm not sure how DH3,4,5 and 6 was mounted with the original startup after booting from DH2:
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