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Agree with the lack of WOW​ factor. Myself having in 83 a C64, in 88 an A500 which was mind blowing (never had an HDD on my A500) and in 95 an A4000/040 with 420mb HDD and tandem cd-rom was still WOW but to a lesser extent, but still better than brother's 486pc. Initially i was contemplating am A1200 but expansion needs for University work swayed me to save for one more year and go A4000. Otherwise it would have felt like an A500 v2.
I prolonged the WOW​ a bit with rtg, 060/scsi and toccata in 96. But due to job needs Windows creeped in and C= was gone, so around 2001 the WOW was gone completely.
But in hindsight still a good decision to not go A1200, otherwise Amiga would have been shelved way sooner with me.

At least I was never disappointed with Amiga, it gave me great fun and productivity and games for many years.
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