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Originally Posted by modrobert View Post
Well, at least you didn't have to partition hard drives bigger than 32mb.
Really? Wow

Originally Posted by TEG View Post
I'm confuse with Super-High Res (1280x256).
Super hires is still useful for still images, though.

Originally Posted by TEG View Post
So the problem was the lack of colours, 4 instead of 256 for this resolution on the PC at the time.
On ECS. On AGA you have 256 colors and HAM8 in all modes. However, productivity will be pretty slow with 256 colors or HAM8. Productivity and those other double scan modes are still great for text editing where you don't need many colors (16 colors is fine for syntax coloring, for example).

Originally Posted by TEG View Post
should have been managed by default by the machine.
Definitely. Should actually be trivial to implement. That it has to be turned on in the Prefs is just stupid, because you've already told the OS that you want to use those modes. Makes no sense.
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