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I got an A1200 in 1993 and I was over the moon. Wasn't hard as I was moving up from a BBC Model B so the A1200 was super amazing to me.

I was able to play games with graphics that were almost real to me (compared to what I had been used to this is). Not only that I could also do my school work on it using a real WIMP interface (remember when it was called that!!) as it came with Wordsworth, sure it was a terrible earlier version, but much better than what I had been using before AND I could do clipart with it!

Was it the best machine at the time? No probably not, the PC was better in most regards and had chunky rather then planer graphics. But I couldn't afford one. The Amiga offered me everything the PC could do but cheaper and I could still connect it to my 14" TV. With the PC I would have had to have a monitor as well, and they were amazingly expensive. If I remember a 486PC was £1000-£1500 which is why I ended up with the £399 A1200. I was never disappointed with it, I'm still not.

I was lucky to get the A1200, my father wanted to spend less as the A600 "looks the same" (I think those were his words, ahhh the computer illiterate haha )
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