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Another problem with the A1200 was the monitor. The PC was there with hight quality display devices and we were stuck with Commodore monitors and non standard resolutions.

There was the productivity mode but it was a joke. The resolution was so different in the X and Y axis that it was impossible to work with it. I remember once, I try to use it (the A1200 was delivered with a VGA adaptor if I remember well) but if you clicked on something using a different resolution, the VGA monitor was of course lost and you were stuck. The problem was here too if you drag down the screen.

And I confirm a previous post, the DX2/66 processor was the choice of the moment if you wanted power and it was affordable. We had one too and I was stunned when I saw the speed of ray-tracing programs on it! Ray-tracing for which the A500 was the first machine to bring this to the public, enable to compute such image in decent time (1 or 2 days).
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